[one drawing #23] bridge

About a month ago I borrowed from the library a book about Georges Seurat’s drawing, published by MoMA. The book was much more astonishing than I thought, filled with charcoal+pencil drawings of Seurat.

I am soon to go back to Korea and have to return the book. I liked the book so much that I decided to purchase the book to keep enjoying copying (?) the drawings of the master. Then I shockingly found out that the new one is pretty rare and expensive! I am willing to purchase a used one too but there was no way I will get it delivered by my departure date (no Amazon Prime used book!)

So for now, I decided to draw as many as possible from the book before I return it to the library. Today I had some fun drawing (=copying) from one of the Seurat’s drawing in the book, called ‘Under the Bridge.’

I admire and yearn for Seurat’s delicate touch. In the original drawing, the man looks very relaxed. My guy is closer to the feeling of Stranger Things… dark and jelly like…?


Under the Bridge, being dark, gloomy, and jelly-like



Seurat’s original ‘Under the Bridge’



making ‘Under the Bridge’


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