[one drawing #12] Matisse

Also from Met Museum NY.
Couldn’t help to sit in front of Henri Matisse <Nasturtiums with the Painting “Dance” I>, not only because it was such an innovative painting but more so because I studied negative space with my teacher Anne McGhee!

IMG_4144 3

Original painting of Henri Matisse’s Nasturtiums with the Painting “Dance” I

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[one drawing #11] Met Museum

Museum visit feels so much different after starting to learn drawing.
Have visited Met Museum in NY  many times, but the paintings never felt this much intimate. Tried to sketch a few figures from the masters’ paintings, with little success haha.

IMG_4142 3

Clockwise from the upper left:
1) Edouard Manet: The Spanish Singer

2) Gustave Courbet: Young Ladies of the Village

3) Paul Cezanne: Seated Peasant

4) Edgar Degas: Dancer

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[one drawing #10] New York jazz bars

Visited two NY jazz bars last week.
A man with trumpet is Joe Magnarelli playing at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola on June 27th.
The stage with a piano is Highline Ballroom (part of Blue Note Jazz Festival http://bluenotejazzfestival.com/). I was waiting in excitement for Pablo Ziegler trio, 2017 Grammy winner for Latin Jazz!  The Grammy winning album, Jazz Tango, is truly the best full of tango energy.
PS: Mr. Ziegler was so happy to see Argentina advance to 2018 World Cup Round 16 that day. I am sorry that Argentina lost to France today, although the great Messi put up hell of a good fight. Thank you both Argentina+France for such a vigorous match!

IMG_4143 3IMG_4141 3

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