[one drawing #22] J. S. Bach

When my Emo (‘aunt’ in Korean) living in Maine found out that I was practicing drawing, she wanted me to draw her the portrait of J. S. Bach. I never learned how to draw portraits but decided to give Bach a try anyway. (Emo never saw the oh-it-does-not-look-like-her-at-all portrait of herself that I drew, so maybe that’s why…) I majored in music in college and J. S. Bach used to be my favorite classical composer, so why not?

Started to draw from the most famous portrait of Bach. Found out substantial portion of the portrait is black, so decided to use a charcoal along with a pencil.

I am planning to visit Emo this weekend before going back to Korea. Hope she doesn’t laugh too hard at it!


J. S. Bach


Making J. S. Bach


The most famous portrait of J. S. Bach by Elias Gottlob Haussmann



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