[one drawing #31] hand: peace

I got bored in the Los Angeles metro, from Long Beach to Downtown. I looked for something to draw but couldn’t find anything particularly interesting after drawing all the fun signs in the car. So I decided to draw a self portrait of my left hand. Regretted that I chose ‘V’ (known to be the symbol of ‘peace’) pose because after about five minutes my hand started to hurt.

***What I learned today***
-Making ‘peace’ with a hand is not an easy task.



[one drawing #29] wrigley field day & night

I visited the historic Wrigley Field in Chicago (home of the Cubs) a couple of weeks ago. In the baseball park, it is always fun to watch a day turning into night in the middle of the game.

I drew the day and night of the Wrigley Field in four tones with 6B pencil, for fun! Started with two outlines (day+night,) numbered the spaces, and filled them with a pencil according to the numbers.

Wrigley Field, Chicago: day

Wrigley Field, Chicago: night

Four tones used, 6B Fabre Castell pencil

Wrigley Field numbered 1~4

Here is the real Wrigley Field, day & night.





[one drawing #22] J. S. Bach

When my Emo (‘aunt’ in Korean) living in Maine found out that I was practicing drawing, she wanted me to draw her the portrait of J. S. Bach. I never learned how to draw portraits but decided to give Bach a try anyway. (Emo never saw the oh-it-does-not-look-like-her-at-all portrait of herself that I drew, so maybe that’s why…) I majored in music in college and J. S. Bach used to be my favorite classical composer, so why not?

Started to draw from the most famous portrait of Bach. Found out substantial portion of the portrait is black, so decided to use a charcoal along with a pencil.

I am planning to visit Emo this weekend before going back to Korea. Hope she doesn’t laugh too hard at it!


J. S. Bach


Making J. S. Bach


The most famous portrait of J. S. Bach by Elias Gottlob Haussmann


[one drawing #19] whales

I went to whale watch for the first time in my life with New England Aquarium Whale Watch tour in Boston. Actually, I kind of tried whale watching about two years ago in Norway but the season was not quite right so only thing I saw were dolphins (no offense, dolphins!)

This time was different! We met about five huge whales and two of them even had so much interest in our boat that they circled around and teased us for about 20~30 mins. Whales were right in front of us, breathing out joyfully and diving back down to show their awesome (and huge) tails! People were screaming in joy and now it feels like a dream. I even could feel the water splash from the whales’ breadth in my face (didn’t smell nice, haha. 🐳 )

So on a way back home, I drew two whales with a pencil. I drew them out of a pamphlet they distributed on a boat. What an interesting world that such fantastic creatures are sharing Earth with us!



This is an original drawing I copied from, the painting by Tom Freeman


‘A Sanctuary Protects Stellwagen Bank’, Tom Freeman

And of course, here are some photos from the tour!




[one drawing #18] Mom & Emo

I tried to draw from an old photo of my Mom and auntie (‘Emo’ <이모> in Korean) holding ‘baby-me.’ I picked the photo because it is one of my favorite old black and white picture. And also, if I draw well enough it felt like a good idea to give my drawing to Emo as a present.

Only shortly after starting to draw it I realized ‘oh, I’ve never learned how to draw a portrait.’ I had no clue how to draw a person’s face! Only faces I drew were those of Mickey Mouse+Donald Duck‘s!

At one moment I thought about quitting because Mom and Emo didn’t look like Mom and Emo at all (at one point they didn’t look like a human!) but it felt kind of bad to leave a drawing of family members unfinished… so I kept drawing.

My teacher (Ms. Anne McGhee) told me several times “Don’t try to be a perfectionist.” What an encouraging phrase! So after hours of struggling with the two women’s faces  (at this point they are totally new characters by my creation) and just blurring my (the baby’s) face,  I decided to call it a day. It didn’t feel too bad to almost skip MY face because it is MINE.

IMG_4210 2

Mom, Emo, and Baby-me

It is good that you always learn from any drawing. So I learned that…

  1. I should learn how to draw a portrait.
  2. drawing a familiar face is very challenging.
  3. if you erase the drawing too many times, you can make a hole in the paper.
  4. just one small dot or line can make a huge difference in a person’s face.

Little bonus for me is that I learned how to make GIF for the first time with a help of a free Mac program, GIPHY Capture.