[one drawing #19] whales

I went to whale watch for the first time in my life with New England Aquarium Whale Watch tour in Boston. Actually, I kind of tried whale watching about two years ago in Norway but the season was not quite right so only thing I saw were dolphins (no offense, dolphins!)

This time was different! We met about five huge whales and two of them even had so much interest in our boat that they circled around and teased us for about 20~30 mins. Whales were right in front of us, breathing out joyfully and diving back down to show their awesome (and huge) tails! People were screaming in joy and now it feels like a dream. I even could feel the water splash from the whales’ breadth in my face (didn’t smell nice, haha. 🐳 )

So on a way back home, I drew two whales with a pencil. I drew them out of a pamphlet they distributed on a boat. What an interesting world that such fantastic creatures are sharing Earth with us!



This is an original drawing I copied from, the painting by Tom Freeman


‘A Sanctuary Protects Stellwagen Bank’, Tom Freeman

And of course, here are some photos from the tour!





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