[one drawing #10] New York jazz bars

Visited two NY jazz bars last week.
A man with trumpet is Joe Magnarelli playing at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola on June 27th.
The stage with a piano is Highline Ballroom (part of Blue Note Jazz Festival http://bluenotejazzfestival.com/). I was waiting in excitement for Pablo Ziegler trio, 2017 Grammy winner for Latin Jazz!  The Grammy winning album, Jazz Tango, is truly the best full of tango energy.
PS: Mr. Ziegler was so happy to see Argentina advance to 2018 World Cup Round 16 that day. I am sorry that Argentina lost to France today, although the great Messi put up hell of a good fight. Thank you both Argentina+France for such a vigorous match!

IMG_4143 3IMG_4141 3

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