[one drawing #25] Millennium Park

Millennium Park is the most visited spot in Chicago. I visited the park recently and luckily for me, there was a free orchestra concert in the evening. The symbolic architecture inside the park where the concert was held, Pritzker Pavillion, was very modern (maybe post-modern?) and… complicated structure.

I chose the simplest looking frame I could find and started to draw, only to realize it was not clean-cut at all. After 1.5 hour of the performance, I left the park with unfinished drawing and puzzling mind. I finished it on a train to New Orleans. My apologies for the wonderful players thatĀ  I could not included them in the picture because… it would have taken forever for me!


Pritzker Pavillion at Chicago Millennium Park


The REALĀ Pritzker Pavillion at Chicago Millennium Park