[one drawing #16] mickey mouse

While visiting Orlando last month, I bought a book called <Celebrated Characters Collection>. What a great book, that I can learn how to draw famous Disney characters!

So I drew Mickey Mouse with a soft pencil and pastel. I just followed the direction on the book then like 30 mins later, I had (a little bit cubby) Mickey Mouse on my small sketchbook! (I drew Donald Duck too, haha)

IMG_4170 2

Mickey Mouse

The second practice was to DRAW the letters ‘Mickey Mouse.’


Mickey Mouse, the letters

My teacher Anne McGhee told me that I have to learn to not trust my brain. To fool the brain, I drew the letters sideway like this.


33, dancing people, track, skyscrapers (not ‘scaper’ :-P), track…

Tried to lie to my brain that these are not letters but are ’33’, ‘dancing people’, ‘skyscraper’ etc. Of course, they are letters, but it was fun just to try to look at the letters with other perspective. 

Below is the book <‘Celebrated Characters Collection’> by Walter Foster Jr. and a couple of pages I followed.