[one drawing #25] Millennium Park

Millennium Park is the most visited spot in Chicago. I visited the park recently and luckily for me, there was a free orchestra concert in the evening. The symbolic architecture inside the park where the concert was held, Pritzker Pavillion, was very modern (maybe post-modern?) and… complicated structure.

I chose the simplest looking frame I could find and started to draw, only to realize it was not clean-cut at all. After 1.5 hour of the performance, I left the park with unfinished drawing and puzzling mind. I finished it on a train to New Orleans. My apologies for the wonderful players that  I could not included them in the picture because… it would have taken forever for me!


Pritzker Pavillion at Chicago Millennium Park


The REAL Pritzker Pavillion at Chicago Millennium Park

[one drawing #24] train

I started the one month journey across the US with USA rail pass this week. On my first train from Boston to Chicago, I drew a view from my seat. The view outside the window was constantly changing so I drew the view of a chair and a window and… well, a small piece of an interior of the train.

It has been a long time since I drew from real life. While it was a bit challenging because of changing sunlight and the frequently moving chair (because the passenger in front of me had liberty to change one’s chair at any time), the practice was fun enough! And there’s always something to learn while drawing. I didn’t realize there were so many rubber bands(?) around the window, haha.

I was waiting for Lake Michigan to show up to fill my windows up but the train I took (Lake Shore Limited) just glided into the Chicago Union Station without showing me any lake view. I decided to leave the view outside the window blank for now.


Lake Shore Limited Amtrak train


making ‘Train’

One more small pleasure while drawing in train turned out to be I get to know in which parts  of the country I was drawing. Apple kindly reminded me of the fact by showing me where I was while each drawing phase… Ghoshen & Butler–>La Porte & Gary, Indiana!

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 7.59.46 AM

[one drawing #23] bridge

About a month ago I borrowed from the library a book about Georges Seurat’s drawing, published by MoMA. The book was much more astonishing than I thought, filled with charcoal+pencil drawings of Seurat.

I am soon to go back to Korea and have to return the book. I liked the book so much that I decided to purchase the book to keep enjoying copying (?) the drawings of the master. Then I shockingly found out that the new one is pretty rare and expensive! I am willing to purchase a used one too but there was no way I will get it delivered by my departure date (no Amazon Prime used book!)

So for now, I decided to draw as many as possible from the book before I return it to the library. Today I had some fun drawing (=copying) from one of the Seurat’s drawing in the book, called ‘Under the Bridge.’

I admire and yearn for Seurat’s delicate touch. In the original drawing, the man looks very relaxed. My guy is closer to the feeling of Stranger Things… dark and jelly like…?


Under the Bridge, being dark, gloomy, and jelly-like



Seurat’s original ‘Under the Bridge’



making ‘Under the Bridge’

[one drawing #22] J. S. Bach

When my Emo (‘aunt’ in Korean) living in Maine found out that I was practicing drawing, she wanted me to draw her the portrait of J. S. Bach. I never learned how to draw portraits but decided to give Bach a try anyway. (Emo never saw the oh-it-does-not-look-like-her-at-all portrait of herself that I drew, so maybe that’s why…) I majored in music in college and J. S. Bach used to be my favorite classical composer, so why not?

Started to draw from the most famous portrait of Bach. Found out substantial portion of the portrait is black, so decided to use a charcoal along with a pencil.

I am planning to visit Emo this weekend before going back to Korea. Hope she doesn’t laugh too hard at it!


J. S. Bach


Making J. S. Bach


The most famous portrait of J. S. Bach by Elias Gottlob Haussmann


[one drawing #21] Buzz

I drew my beloved Woody from Toy Story last week and I couldn’t help but to draw Buzz today. I still remember watching <Toy Story 2> and seeing Buzz Lightyear shouting, “To infinity and beyond!” The line is one of my favorite movie quotes since then. (Oh, I  must watch it again!)

So while watching Wimbledon Men’s Championship (Djokovic vs Anderson!) I quickly drew Buzz Lightyear with colored pencils. Feel like grabbing a beer with him! 🍻🍺


Buzz Lightyear


Making Buzz Lightyear

“To infinity and beyond!”