[one drawing #17] moonlight

This is another practice of copying the great Georges Seurat’s charcoal drawing.
I usually choose the drawings that look pretty easy, and every time end up crying out with agony “Oh, it’s so much harder than my expectation! (Maybe he had better paper… or better eraser?)”

IMG_4202 2

Practice after Seurat’s <Factories by Moonlight>

I had to improvise a looooooooot on purpose or not on purpose (mostly not….rather involuntarily forced to!) 🧐
This is Seurat’s original painting <Courbevoie: Factories by Moonlight>

IMG_4200 2

Georges Seurat <Courbevoie: Factories by Moonlight>, Conté crayon on paper


ps: a little slideshow to commemorate finishing my first sketchbook!




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